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    Bookkeeping is the foundation of your business and your accounts. A good bookkeeper will not just keep accurate and up to date records of your financial transactions, they will be building a picture of the financial health of your business from the ground up.

    For most business owners, what started out as putting aside a few receipts here and there to keep a record of later, has grown into a much larger and more time-consuming task. There comes a time when handing over bookkeeping to a professional can really free up your time to concentrate on what your business needs.

    We offer bookkeeping to our clients to allow them to get on with what they do best, running a successful business, while we take care of what we do best, helping you keep that business in good financial shape.

    We work with a range of accounting software packages and apps that allow your bookkeeping to be seamless and feed into the financial information and reports that you need to run your business. We can work with the package that you are currently using or recommend one if you haven’t used software before.

    Accurate bookkeeping also feeds into smooth filing for your tax liabilities including VAT, CIS, PAYE and Corporation Tax.

    When you think of bookkeeping you often focus on the one area that you are most likely to be dealing with yourself, recording receipts and issuing invoices. Bookkeeping services can cover this and so much more including: processing payroll, producing reports for debtors and creditors, chasing debtors if needed, paying supplier and contractor invoices, monitoring your fixed assets and creating reports to show profit and loss for your business.

    Bookkeeping needs to work for you and your business, so we look at what you need and deliver a service that fits around that so you can make the most of having us on hand to help you out.


    MP Bookkeeping and Accounting

    We offer a wide variety of accounting and bookkeeping services from preparation of financial statements for companies incorporated in different jurisdictions to self-assessment, corporate and VAT returns and payroll services.

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