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    Accounting and preparation of annual Financial Statements

    As your accountants it is our role to ensure that you are meeting all your liabilities from VAT and payroll, through to Corporation Tax.

    As your year-end approaches, it is a good time to get together the paperwork that you will need for us to prepare your annual financial statements. This includes getting your receipts/expenses in order, something that we can help you out with through our bookkeeping service if your record keeping has become a little haphazard recently. It is also a good idea to follow up with debtors and get any unpaid invoices resolved before your year end.

    Our role as your accountant is to know your business financially inside and out. We will examine the financial records of your business, ensure their accuracy, and prepare the financial reports you need to see where your business is going.

    When it comes to your annual financial statements, we will produce a set of accounting statements for the previous 12 months of your accounting year including your balance sheet, income statement, changes in equity and a cashflow statement.

    From this we can look at what your tax liabilities are likely to be and help you with any financial planning that you would like to do based on the statements we have produced.

    Your balance sheet and profit and loss statement, along any notes on your accounts and your Director’s report will be filed with Companies House.

    Our fully-trained professional team can work on any accounts software package or system that you are using, so working with us is a breeze. If you aren’t currently using a package then we are happy to work with you to find something that suits your needs.


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